First Friday Wine Thing!

Time: to
Location: Central Street Farmhouse

Are you interested in the winemaking process but aren’t sure that you want to invest in an entire kit? Do you want to try homemade wine before taking the plunge to make your own? Or maybe you just like wine and want to try something different? Are you looking for something to do on Friday, June 2nd?

Why not check out our Has Never Quite Been a Regular Event Wine Thing at the Farmhouse! For $0, you can try a number of different Farmhouse-made wines. It’s not really a wine tasting, and it’s not really a class. It’s just a… thing. We’ll be here with some wines ready to taste and we can talk all about the process!

Can’t go this time? I’ll do it again. Though, to be fair, the last time I did this event after a long break was February 2020, so we’ll just have to see.

No need to sign-up for this event and no obligation to purchase anything. Of course, we won’t mind if you do decide to book a wine class!