Night Under the Umbrella Sky

Time: to
Location: Cross Street

There’re Back!

If you missed the party last year you can make it up this year! Don’t miss our Night Under the Umbrella Sky event, Tuesday July 16, 5 – 7:30 PM on Cross Street in downtown Bangor.

Picture numerous bright umbrellas floating above the city street. The Umbrella Sky Project, inspired by Mary Poppins, is an outdoors art exhibit that has toured the world, and is back in downtown Bangor this summer. This refreshing show brings whimsy, exuberance, and energy, and maybe a little bit of protection from the rain to Cross Street, the corridor between Main Street and Columbia Street.

You are invited to our free Night Under the Umbrella Sky event on July 16 with music, prizes, giveaways, and lots and lots of umbrellas swaying perfectly above our heads, it’s fun for all ages. The street will also be blocked off to give you a car-free space for pictures! Mark your calendar and bring your family and friends to this awesome spectacle, brought to you by Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, and Downtown Bangor.