Jenda’s Movie Madness

JMM Vegas in Space
Time: to
Location: Queen City Cinema Club

Jenda’s Movie Madness
She crashed landed on Earth to show you bad taste!
If you like MST3K, b-movies, and drag, then you’ll enjoy this show!

A Dragtastic Movie Extravaganza at the Queen City Cinema Club with Jenda’s Movie Madness! Get ready for a night filled with laughter, suspense, and drag of course! Grab a seat and immerse yourself with hilarious commentary by yours truly, Jen D’aBenda!
Our selection for the evening, Vegas in Space (1991)!
Show starts @7pm
Tickets $5
Food and Drinks by the amazing Queen City Cinema Club
Vegas in Space (1991) – A Comedy filled with the 1990s San Francisco drag stars like Miss X, Doris Fish, and Tippi! This highly delicious plot follows male spacefarers who undergo sex-change operations to solve a jewel heist on a planet populated solely by women.