Community Real Estate

Community Real Estate Solutions (CRES) is a Bangor, Maine based company owned by Nick and Kortnie Mullins with a mission devoted to providing real estate solutions in their local community, and perhaps many more as the company’s vision and mission spreads. They got their start by purchasing their first owner occupied duplex in 2014 in their early 20’s. They quickly learned how much they loved the properties that Bangor had to offer, and how much they enjoyed providing housing to those who needed it. Fast forward a few short years later and CRES has helped many people find homes-whether they purchased one of their newly renovated houses or found the perfect rental to call home. They take pride in their ability to provide housing from those in need to those looking for their dream home to raise their families in. Affordable housing and housing availability, in general, is a top priority in every community, and CRES gladly takes on that challenge.

Contact Information

22 State Street