journey dance move and be moved
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Location: The Spiral Goddess Collective, a Center for Mind/Body Movement

JourneyDance is a movement practice that provides structure and freedom and meets us where we are. While there is guidance, there is no choreography to learn and participants are encouraged to do what feels good in their bodies, to connect mind and body, and to work with and through whatever comes up through the dance. The JourneyDance Facilitator provides a supported container for this work, whether you come to “just dance” or to transform yourself through movement.

You want a workout? You can get that in JourneyDance as it helps to build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

You want to improve your mental health? JD can help you feel more empowered, more grounded, more centered, more joyful. It can lift your mood and help you reduce stress and anxiety. JourneyDance helps us connect with our emotions and can help us process trauma that is stuck in the body. It creates new pathways in the brain through novel movement and the healing vibrations of music.

You want to connect more with yourself and with other people? JD provides both introspection and opportunities to connect with others. We build community with each other every time we dance.

Maybe you want to explore your connection to the universe, your life’s path, your higher power, your purpose? JourneyDance provides opportunities to tap into the power of nature, ritual, and transformative process work.

JourneyDance is all of these things and so much more. Every dance is unique, even when we dance to the same playlist. And each playlist provides a diverse mix of music that inspires us to move and be moved. Every body is welcome; every individual is valued.

JourneyDance is one of those things that is best explained through the practice—once you try it, we are convinced that you will come back again and again.